Francois Swanepoel – Head of Clinical Services

My name is Francois Swanepoel and I am a qualified cranial remolding specialist.

Your child is your most important priority. It is important to be aware who is in charge of your infants cranial remolding program and this is why we have added this section to our website.

I was born in Johannesburg in the late 1980’s and within 6 weeks from me settling in, my family relocated to a small farming community located in Zululand, KZN. I was fortunate enough that they took me along (tongue in cheek) as this was the best way I could spend my formative years. I completed both my primary – and secondary schooling in Vryheid, KZN and always applied myself in all activities best I could.

After school, not really having any direction in what I would like to become, I attended Law School at the University of Pretoria. During this period I experienced a series of hurdles and always felt something was missing. This led me to change the trajectory of where I was heading and by the grace of God I was introduced to the wonderful field of Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics.

As luck would have it I got accepted into the program and completed my National Diploma at the Tshwane Univeristy of Technology. During my studies, I worked part time in a very busy Pretoria based practice where I gained invaluable exposure to all fields of Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics. This continued on a full time basis for a few years until I had the privilege to take up a position as head clinical specialist at one of our main international supply companies, Össur South-Africa.

During this period I was responsible for their academic program in orthotics and prosthetic for Sub-Saharan Africa. This also afforded me the opportunity to share my knowledge with my peers, whether on a one on one basis or when I was invited to speak at one of our national congresses. I was also fortunate enough to travel the world and gain international exposure from renowned key opinion leaders in our industries, of which includes places like Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and Africa.

In 2019, at the age of 31, I decided to further my studies, completing a Bachelors of Technology in Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics. By now, being older and wiser, I managed to complete the program with distinction (Cum Laude) and I will always be grateful for the way this program has shaped my perception on treating patients, applying all treatment based on good, solid, evidence based practice and well researched methods.

How did the Cranial Remolding Clinic come to be?

I have always been aware of the scarcity and gap in this specialty, always silently preoccupied with the shape of individuals skulls and knowing that if they were treated at the right age, they would have been far better off. I set-out to do research on what was available and came across exactly the right program. This program was developed in the United States and is administrated by the International Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics (IIOP). It offered extensive, research based training and more importantly continued support and guidance, treating patients as a collective effort for optimal outcomes.

In my free time I love to travel, continually attending international congresses, sharpening up on international trends and latest technologies. I have also completed 4 Comrades Marathons and if time allows, I understand the importance of staying active.

I hope you will have a great experience at the Cranial Remolding Clinic and that we can serve as a small but significant milestone in your infants journey to optimal development.

Yours in Health Care

Francois Swanepoel                                                                                                                    Medical Orthotist Prosthetist

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